About Us

At rdvisualisation, we are truly passionate about visualisation. Located on the Gold Coast, Australia we create high quality 3D visualisation imagery, artist impressions and interactive media. We pride ourselves on providing a personalised service and like to create ongoing relationships with our clients with our work being used in construction, real-time virtual media, developer approvals, real estate, road/rail infrastructure and marketing. Please contact us if you would like to chat about how we can help you with your projects. 


3D Rendering Process

We believe that clear communication is an integral part of the 3D process. Once we begin your project, to avoid extra cost and time delays, we allow many stages for your feedback to influence the outcome of the work we are creating for you.

Data Collection
At this stage we are collecting information from you about your project. We require certain types of data and information in order to deliver the best possible representation of your project in 3D.

We collect information about the mood and feel you would like for the images and put together ideas and thoughts on what kind of style we will aim for.


From here we will have enough direction and approval from the client to move onto building the 3D scenes for each view.


CGI 3D Rendering Process Stage 1.jpg


CGI 3D Rendering Process Stage 2


CGI 3D Rendering Process Stage 3


CGI 3D Rendering Process Stage 4



Stage 1 - Camera Draft
Once the project is blocked out from supplied plans or models, we will provide images from the requested 3D render locations (along with 2-3 alternative camera views if possible) to allow the final camera views to be agreed upon.

Stage 2 - Model Draft
From the chosen 3D render locations, we will detail the model with the information we have been supplied and then provide grey ‘clay’ renders for building/structure approval and feedback.

Stage 3 - Colour Draft
Once materials and finishes have been applied to the model we will then provide images for approval and feedback. We also will start testing lighting and mood to best represent the final feel of the images.

Stage 4 - Finals
Once all previous stages have been approved we will process the renders for final delivery.