360 Degree 3D Panoramic Virtual Tours

In a market flooded with 3D still imagery, and to an extent 3D animated fly throughs, buying ‘off the plan’ has never been as immersive and engaging as when viewed through 360 degree 3D panoramic virtual tours.

At rdvisualisation we believe that a 360 degree 3D panoramic virtual tour is a step further than static images and video, but not as much of a gimmick or as costly as true virtual reality ‘gaming’ environments.

Imagine going to a web page and being able to load an image… now imagine being able to spin around and see above, below and behind you in a full 360 degree view of your surroundings.

Now you are able to click ‘hot spots’ to take you to other areas, switch to day or night, view alternate design schemes, show specific product information, play videos, link to websites and even use VR (virtual reality) headsets like Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR.

There are many advantages to having these 3D panoramas on your marketing website or in your sales offices:

  • More accessibility – No need for expensive mobile apps that might crash or are difficult to update and download, just scan a QR code or go to a web address and you can view the 3D panorama.
  • Future proof – Once the panorama is created, it is easy to add more hotspots, sounds, logos, update information and add new areas to view.
  • Photo real quality – Because these are not ‘game’ environments, you can get the same quality of your static images and videos that you are accustomed to in today’s 3D visualisation market.
  • Marketing extras – You can look around in any direction from the panorama location and capture your own static marketing images.
  • Online support – Facebook and YouTube, although in simple forms, now support 360 degree videos which can be created easily from a 3D panoramas to extend your marketing reach further.

With the accessibility of the internet, 3D panoramas have an endless reach to potential buyers all around the world:

  • Easy to use – Can be viewed on any common device (Android, iOS, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad etc.)
  • Developments – Use in a variety of sectors such as residential, commercial, master planning, shop fit outs, product visualisation, government, education, transport, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism and interior design to name few.
  • A better experience – Buyers can get a feel for a space, seeing how it will look when it is complete and easily access information about the project.
  • More control – Being able to interact with the spaces and move through to different 3D panoramas with a click or touch of a button.
  • Save time – Instead of visiting offices and sites that may be 1000’s of km’s away, take as many 3D panorama tours as you like in the comfort of your own home at any time, day or night.

Unlike current virtual tours on the market that are only for existing spaces, 3D panoramas are perfect for ‘off the plan’ marketing. They are created entirely on a computer, meaning that you have 100% control over what is seen (materials, finishes, decor, lighting, furniture etc.) at a fraction of the cost and time of physically building the entire space and photographing it.

You can also cost effectively review and test out designs in 3D to understand how your project will look once constructed.

Like photorealistic renders, 360 degree 3D panoramic virtual tours are so easy to access and user friendly which makes them a great marketing tool for any project you need to visualise and bring to life.

At rdvisualisation, we are truly passionate about visualisation. We are an Australian based company that create high quality 3D visualisation imagery, artist impressions and interactive media.

For more information visit the rdvisualisation website at http://www.rdvis.com or email us at contact@rdvis.com