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rdvis Creative Studio works with clients all across Australia and around the world providing high quality 3D marketing CGI's and have been doing so for many years. Our clients range from Architects, Interior Designers, Industrial Designers, Graphic Designers, Exhibition Designers, Landscape Architects, Property Developers, Real Estate Agents, Marketing Agencies and more.

We are a studio of passionate individuals who are experts in our field  that focus on bringing value and maximizing profit for our clients. With experience from all different backgrounds of 3D visualisation and CGI creation we have amassed the knowledge required to survive in a highly competitive, creative and passionate industry.


"We use 3D to help you visualise off the plan designs, so you can sell to your clients

faster and with more clarity."

Our training is different from most.
Online training or education with universities can be costly. Not only with your money, but with something you can never get back, your Time! 

We are an ACTIVE 3D Architectural Visualisation Studio. We have projects running, we are meeting deadlines, we are creating images, we are using the latest technology, we are training our staff in the fastest and best techniques.

Don't waste your time and money on training from someone who hasn't been in the industry for years or worse, has never worked in the industry and has never had to deal with things we deal with on a daily basis.


What Kind of VALUE Do we provide with our Onsite - 3D

Architectural Consulting and Training

  • Personalised training and consulting - Over $8,000 of value and customised preparation for your industry and
    • We specifically adjust our training program to suit the needs of your industry.
    • We personalise our training to suit your specific goals and needs.
    • We take into account your frustrations and cater our training to help you solve your stresses and struggles.
  • 2 days onsite with an expert - Over $6,500 of value and 15+ years experience in 3D
    • We come to you and provide 2 full days of onsite practical and theory based training and consulting to help you get on the right path to achieve your goals.
    • We show you our process and strategies when creating images and solving 3D problems.
      • Charging clients and adding value to your business (increase hourly rate, upskill etc)

      • Loading/Installing the software

      • Navigating/Using 3ds Max and Corona Renderer

      • Importing in your 3D Model

      • Organising your 3D Model

      • Applying the Edge definition testing material

      • Using the preset lighting scenes

      • Setting up a camera and moving around

      • Applying colours/materials and textures to your scene

      • Interactive rendering (with clients, real time editing and testing materials)

      • Adding in furniture and props

      • Frame buffer tweaks and alterations

      • Final render

      • Basic photoshop editing

    • Ask questions in person and get instant solutions to your problems.
  • After Training Support - Over $6,000 of assets, scenes, support, guidance and resources
    • Once you  complete our training if you feel stuck with anything, give us a call and we will be happy to help out with up to 3x 30 minute phone calls.
    • You receive preset lighting scenes which have been tested in numerous project situations and are designed to save time and be used on a variety of projects.
    • You receive various custom assets to get you started with you 3D rendered images.
    • We provide resources that we have used, researched and collected over years and years so that you don't have to invest the time in finding them yourself.

Do you want to get onto the correct path, use the correct software and have an expert guide you in what you need to do to get started?

2 day onsite training and consultation package

$6,800 +GST upfront*
(or 4 monthly payments of $1,900 +GST)

*Price includes one-on-one consultation and training per person. Additional persons are at 50% of the full price. Travel and accommodation expenses extra for outside the Gold Coast/Brisbane area.

Only a handful of consultation days are available each month.

Once you complete our Onsite Consultation and Training you become eligible for more advanced and in depth single day training and support days. These could include:

  • Support
    • Are you stuck with something and need an extra day of help and guidance?
    • Do you have specific needs with your clients you need solved or processes for?
    • A refresher of the initial training?
  • or Advanced Training and Upskilling which could include
    • In depth Modelling training - see how to create details inside Autodesk 3ds Max
    • Composition - Advanced techniques for camera creation and photographic composition
    • Scripts - Make modelling easier with plugins like floorgenerator, multitexture, soulburn scripts and more
    • Adjusting material properties - change and tweak preset materials to get more advanced and realistic looks
    • Image Based Lighting - Use HDRI's to light your scene for moody and more emotive results
    • Artificial Lighting - Night lighting and lighting up dark enclosed spaces
    • Lightmix - Change your lighting form day to night even after you have created your render!
    • Animation - Create basic animation and product videos for your clients


These are just some examples how we can help with post training and consulting depending on your specific needs and budget!



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Learn how we create High Quality CGI Architectural Visualisations to kick start your career or improve on your overall skill.

Increase your knowledge with Tips and Tricks from inside an active CGI production studio with our no fuss to the point content.


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All displayed promotional images for the consultation and training sessions have been created by our experts and is not an indication of the quality that is achieved from doing a 2 day consultation and training session. We do provide you with the processes and knowledge to get you on the correct path for learning how to create these images, but you yourself must have the dedication to improve upon what is taught and increase your skills and creativity in the 3D visualisation field. We do provide you with presets and skills that have been tested and used on actual production projects, but it is your responsibility to build on your skills in order to create high quality 3D visualisations.


We are truly passionate about visualisation


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